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Nexco Pharma Advisory Board

Dr. Michael E. DeBakey, Chairman

"Dr. Michael DeBakey, the internationally acclaimed cardiovascular surgeon, is an ingenious medical inventor, innovator and dedicated teacher. Because of his unique ability to bring professional knowledge to bear on public policy worldwide, Dr. DeBakey is known as an international medical statesman.

He has served as advisor to virtually every U.S. president in the past 50 years. Dr. DeBakey performed the first successful carotid endarterectomy for stroke, the first coronary artery bypass and the first use of left ventricle bypass pump for heart failure. His lifelong scholarship is reflected in more than 1,600 published medical articles and books. He is a co-author of "The Living Heart" series of popular books for the public."

H-TEXAS MAGAZINE, January 2006 "Leaders & Legends"

Roger Sahni, Vice Chairman & CEO

Mr. Sahni is a business executive with extensive experience in international business development and commerce. He is responsible for over $10 billion in project development. He has numerous relationships with heads-of-state, ministers, bureaucrats and senior executives of multinational companies throughout the world. Mr. Sahni is very actively involved in various business and civic activities and he sits on numerous Boards throughout the world.

Dr. William Hermann

After two years in the Navy at the National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda MD, Dr. Hermann has been Medical Director of the Clinical Laboratory at Memorial Hermann Memorial City for over 27 years. During that tenure he has specialized in testing and clinical research in Chronic fatigue Syndrome and viral diseases. In cooperation with colleagues and the scientists at the Schwarz Pharma Company, Dr. Hermann explored the use of the drug Kutapressin in several clinical conditions as well as investigating the peptide constituents that make up this complex mixture. He is co-inventor on six patents regarding the use of Kutapressin in clinical conditions.

Honb. Donald De Marino

Don De Marino is a businessman and advisor to several corporations. He is the president of De Marino Associates, Inc., a business advisory and consulting firm with clients and investments principally in the developing markets.

Mr. De Marino served in the George H. W. Bush Administration as deputy assistant secretary of Commerce for Africa, the Near East and South Asia. He was responsible for America's commercial relations with the countries in these three regions. He served in the Reagan Administration as director of the US-Saudi Arabian Joint Economic Commission managing 150 professionals with $150 million budget.

Since 1991, he has served as chairman of the National US-Arab Chamber of Commerce, the pre-eminent organization in the US promoting trade and investment with the Arab world. In January, 2004 De Marino was asked to serve on the Personnel Evaluation Team to assess various operations in Iraq for the US Secretary of Defense. One of his recommendations, to establish a US-Iraq Joint Economic Commission, was implemented in September, 2004.

Gavin Zietsman

NOTE: Nexavir® is to be used for the applications indicated in the package insert ONLY.  Any off-label use is not supported, recommended, or authorized by Nexco Pharma, its employees and management.  Please contact your physician for use of Nexavir® and its protocol.

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